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3 Designer Brands That Banged in 2017

Posted on January 04 2018

1. Gucci

Gucci Runway 2017

Gucci, Gucci, Gucci everywhere!

Gucci has been living up to their name with their most recent, over-the-top, eye-catching runways. You've probably seen these same exact pieces at least once on social media, worn by celebs and influencers. Who can blame? Everyone loves Gucci's signature contrasting stripes...

Rihanna in All Gucci Rhinestone Bodysuit Outfit

Rihanna in that infamous, all-rhinestone bodysuit.


Beyonce in a Gucci Floral Kimono Coat

Beyonce rocking a $21K Gucci floral kimono jacket.


2. Balenciaga

Last year, Balenciaga left fashionistas craving their colorful SS 2017 collection. They're popping floral prints were seen worn by some of social media's elite. Their collab with Vetements has surely helped with crossing over into mainstream fashion...

Balenciaga Runway 2017

Rihanna Wearing Floral Balenciaga Pants in Music Video

 Rihanna, wearing Balenciaga Floral Print satin pants.


Balenciaga Thigh High Green Floral Boots

Style influencers, @samarialeah, @leenasayed_, @chinchillyonstyle wearing Green Floral Balenciaga boots.


3. Milano di Rouge

Talk about a come-up. We've been fans of this brand for a while and there is no better come-up story than theirs. This luxe streetwear brand has made it into the hands of multiple celebrities... But you better believe, we've been on Milano di Rouge!

Milano di Rouge

Rick Ross in Milano di Rouge

Rick Ross in Milano di Rouge.


Milano di Rouge

Creator of Milano di Rouge.


Which brands are at the top of your list for 'best of 2017'?

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