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My Favorite Pair of Cheap Designer Inspired Dupe Sunglasses

Posted on April 11 2023

Our designer inspired flat tops inspired by the Flat Top Shadow Sunglasses have not only been a customer favorite but a favorite of mine as well. Flat Tops, in general, are sophisticated but still a bit edgy. And the more simplistic designs, such as these, make them a great choice for most outfits.

These flat top dupes are very versatile when it comes to their design. The straight, horizontal line at the top gives them a sleek, modern look. This particular style comes in two colors on our website, however, I'm always reaching for the black pair.

No matter what your face shape is, I find that this style is suitable for nearly every shape. I have a very oval-shaped face and this is one of the styles that actually looks good on me. The girl above has a somewhat inverted triangle-shaped face and this style looks perfect on her!

Our designer inspired Flat Top Shadow Sunglasses are perfect for everyday wear. They're ideal for running errands or going for a jog. They're most definitely ideal for going to the club (sunglasses at night, anyone?).

But, watch out. I guarantee your friends will steal them. 😆 We've had countless customers come back to us to buy these sunglasses again because they're friends "borrowed" them but never returned them!

Buy our designer inspired Flat Top Shadow Sunglasses here.

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