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3 Differences Between Replica and Authentic Celine 41026/S Shadow Flat Top Sunglasses

Posted on March 11 2018

Designer Inspired Celine Shadow Flat Top Sunglasses 41026/CL
Differences Between Replica and Authentic Shadow Sunglasses...
You've probably dealt with this dilemma before: a must-have accessory or garment hits the stores and you face the eternal battle of splurging on the authentic version or saving on the replica version!


There are some items that are not worth buying the replica/knockoff versions of. The differences between can be too obvious or the quality can be too poor. For instance, items that are produced with with bright, bold colors or high quality materials are hard to knock off. Dupes of these authentic items are usually made with sub-par dyes and cheaper materials. The difference between the replica and the authentic can be glaringly obvious.


However, sometimes, its worth it to save on an authentic item and just buy the knockoff or replica version. The differences between the two versions can be very subtle or insignificant.


The Celine 41026 is one of these styles. These Flat Top Sunglasses have become a go-to for most fashion-forward people. The design is sleek, plastic, and just uncomplicated, making it very unnecessary to splurge on the authentic Celine version. Additionally, the dupes of these sunglasses are so easy to find and so inexpensive, that it barely makes financial sense to buy the real version.


However, if you're concerned about the differences between the replica and authentic and you want to make sure you buy the correct version, keep reading. These are the main differences between the designer inspired and real versions of the Celine 41026/S Sunglasses:


1. Gradient of the Lenses
Replica vs. Authentic: Celine 41026/S Flat Top Sunglasses
The "Shadow" style of the Celine 41026/S Sunglasses are made with gradient lenses that appear nearly half tinted. However, its impossible to find knockoffs that are made with the half-tint. Most designer inspired makes are produced with lenses that smoothly transition between dark and light tints in the lenses. See the authentic half tint below worn by Christine Centenera.


Christine Centenera wearing Celine Sunglasses
Christine Centenera wearing Celine Sunglasses


2. Tilt of the Frames
Replica vs. Authentic: Celine 41026/S Flat Top Sunglasses
Look carefully and you'll notice that the front frame on the authentic tilts slightly inward on the downward angle. The replica does not. The front of the frames on the replica are mainly at a 90-degree angle with the temples (arms).


3. Frame Thickness
Replica vs. Authentic: Celine 41026/S Flat Top Sunglasses
Notice that the bottom of the frames of knockoff Celine Sunglasses are thinner. This is the case with all designer inspired Celine shades. The bottoms of the frames are usually dead giveaways.


However, that being said, these are difference which most people will overlook, even if the authentic pair falls within their budget. Just wearing the designer inspired version gives you a fashion-forward look.
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Designer Inspired Celine Shadow Flat Top Sunglasses 41026/CL
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  • Kristy Hudson-Smith: April 10, 2023

    I just bought of visual click .. Celine fade sunnies .. I don’t think there authentic.. has anyone else bought from this site ?

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