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Fur Slides: Why Every 'It Girl' Should Own A Pair

Posted on February 22 2018

Khloe Kardashian Wearing Fur Slides


We find that people either have a love or hate relationship with fur slides. They're either "big and ugly" on the feet or "cute and absurdly luxurious". And they make no sense to the fashion-blind (I walked out the house wearing a considerably fluffy pair of slides and was told that I looked as if I were still in my pyjamas).


But at Retro City, we're all about the absurd and luxurious. Who would have thought that rubber house slippers with fur attached would look this amazing?


So, here's why every 'it girl' should own a pair...


1. They're perfect for when you want to look cute on a casual outing or even while running errands. They're the ultimate casual-chic accessory.


2. The sightly ludicrous nature of these slides (fur attached to rubber house slippers?) show fearlessness in your fashion sense, elevating you to that of a fashion leader.


3. The round, slightly oversized shape look good on the feet and make for a nice proportion to the rest of your body.


Alexis Skyy Wearing Fur Slides


Jai Nice Wearing Fur Slides


@aprildivahstyles Wearing Fox Fur Slides


Givenchy Mink Fur Slides
Givenchy Fur Slides


Are fur slides your thing? Do you currently own a pair?
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