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5 Tips for Packing Light for A Summer Vacation

Posted on June 10 2018

5 Tips for Packing Light for A Summer Vacation

We are all faced with this dilemma nearly every time we travel: packing too many items into a suitcase... and now, the suitcase won't close... or it weighs two hundred pounds!

I eventually got tired of pulling a boulder behind me when traveling through the airport so I've learned a few tips on how to keep your luggage as light as possible when traveling...


5 Tips for Packing Light for A Summer Vacation

1. Restrict your contents to a suitcase that is carry-on size...

Okay... this may not be feasible if your trip is longer than 7 days but it works otherwise! I hate checking bags and waiting at baggage claim so I never use suitcases that are larger than a carry-on. With a carry-on suitcase, not only is there 0% chance that the airline will lose my luggage, but the smaller suitcase size will force me to exclude unnecessary items for my trip.


5 Tips for Packing Light for A Summer Vacation

2. Plan your outfits and pack for your trip 2 months in advance... No... Seriously...

This tip is so necessary especially if you get packing-anxiety like I do. The earlier you plan for your trip, the more time you have to plan precise outfits rather than just throwing things in and deciding when you get there.


5 Tips for Packing Light for A Summer Vacation

3. Bring 1 bottom that can be worn with at least 2 different outfits...

For me, this is almost always skinny jeans or cut off shorts. Denim, as we all know, can easily be dressed up or down. For instance, on a 4-day Miami vacation, I wore my cut-off shorts 2 out of 4 days: once, dressed up with with a silk cami and Louboutins and once, dressed down with a tee and flat sandals for the beach.


5 Tips for Packing Light for A Summer Vacation

4. Bring only 2 pairs of high heels: 1 versatile color and 1 "favorite" pair.

High heels are usually an essential item so if you're going to bring them, bring only 2 pairs. But the trick is, out of those 2 pairs, bring 1 pair of heels that can be worn with any outfit. For me, this is always a pair of nude strappy sandal heels. For my 2nd choice of heels, I just bring whichever pair I'm crazy about at the moment (such as something very embellished or really colorful).


5. Make a travel-sized version of any beauty product that can be squeezed, poured, or scooped out of its original container.

If you can, squeeze any beauty product out of its regular packaging into a bottle or jar that is 2 to 3oz or smaller. With the flying restrictions in the U.S., we have a 4oz limit on bottles that are carried onto the plane anyway. But items like hair gel and face wash - things that are normally used in small amounts - should be moved into a smaller container than the one in which they originally came.

I usually squeeze my facial moisturizer into a travel-size bottle that is 2oz, for instance. Hair gel that I use to control my edges is transferred into a travel-size 1oz jar. You find lots of travel-size sets on Amazon.


Hope this helps you a ton. If you use our list of tips for your next vacation, come back and tell us your experience! Safe travels!


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  • Lex: June 15, 2018

    Great tips! Thank you :)

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