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Designer Inspired Shield Sunglasses for Under $20

Posted on April 17 2023

Designer Inspired Shield Sunglasses for Under $20

I want the look of certain designer shield sunglasses but I choke at the thought of spending $400. Luckily, there's an abundance of designer inspired shield sunglasses available online. But let's put aside the fact that they're so chic and talk about how the other benefits of oversized shield sunglasses...

Designer Inspired Shield Sunglasses for Under $20

Benefits of Oversized Shields

  1. When you get the darker lenses like pictured above, your eyes get extra protection from the sun with the UV protection lenses.
  2. Because they're so large and wide, the lens not only protect your eyes from the sun but your skin as well. Extra large shield sunnies can be a great option for helping to slow down wrinkles around the eyes.

The next best thing about oversized shields is that they're pretty easy to style. I find they look best in more casual, streetwear outfits like black oversized tees and sweats and slim-fitting track suits (in all black, of course)...

Designer Inspired Shield Sunglasses for Under $20

They also look amazing with dressier outfits...

Designer Inspired Shield Sunglasses for Under $20

In any case, you'll notice that there's an all black theme when it comes to these designer inspired single-lens shield sunglasses.

But if all black street wear is not your thing, switch up your shades and go for the tortoise version of this bold celebrity style...

Designer Inspired Shield Sunglasses for Under $20

This brown version goes a lot better with denim if you're a person that wears jeans most days of the week. Whichever way you choose to wear your designer inspired shields, they're sure to draw lots of compliments as this style makes a bold statement.

This style is also unisex. We find that men are drawn to this particular style of shades just as much as women which speaks to its versatility.

Note that even though this style came out years ago, it's very much a staple. Particular fashion houses keep their stores stocked with this style because people come back to it season after season. I know of an influencer who's bought three pairs from a major brand because she kept losing or breaking them...

Designer Inspired Shield Sunglasses for Under $20

Since this style makes such a statement on it's own, you really don't need to accessorize too heavily.

If you dress feminine-presenting, simple stud earrings, a slender bangle, and a quilted chain shoulder bag are all you need. If you're male presenting, a designer body bag compliment this style really well.

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Designer Inspired Shield Sunglasses for Under $20

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