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Top 10 Trendiest Women's Designer Sunglasses of 2023

Posted on April 19 2023

As summer nears, it's time to start thinking about eyewear! Whether you're gearing up for Coachella or thinking of a trip to clear aqua blue waters, you'll want to have a pair of stylish shades with you. Here are the top 10 trendiest sunglasses of 2023...

1. Gucci Mask Frame GG Sunglasses, $855

These Gucci cycling goggles are the latest addition in outdoor-accessories-meets-runway. They took a pair of reflective sports glasses and added their logo. They're obviously a poor choice for cycling gear (imagine these things falling off your face and getting scratched?!) but I could totally see wearing them on a ski trip!

2. Balenciaga Mask Butterfly Sunglasses, $530

Balenciaga is becoming the go-to brand for unique eclectic styles. That can be seen in their Mask Butterfly shades worn by Kim Kardashian below. These futuristic sunglasses are sure to get you compliments and questions when you walk the streets. And almost anything Kim wears becomes an instant hit.

3. Loewe Inflated Mask Sunglasses in Acetate, $360

Loewe really came through with the It Girl sunglasses of the year. These sunglasses are all the rage amongst female fashion influencers. Their line of "inflated" sunglasses is an absolute hit. These quirky bold statement shades are available in all primary colors as well as black and white. The style of the shades alone are eye-catching. The bold color in the shades are the perfect way to add a pop of color to your warm-weather outfits.

4. Gucci GG0783S, $405

Gucci is back with their 70's-inspired frames. Throwback square shades are a  must for glamming up an outfit. The combination of hazy yellow lenses and thick-rimmed frames make these a must-have for lovers of vintage style shades.


I love how sci-fi has made its way into runway fashion. Styles like this can be seen in sci-fi fantasy movies from the 80's. And these futuristic, space-like shades by YZY show just how cyclical fashion truly is. Kim Kardashian pulled off the look well with an equally sleek black all leather outfit.

6. Loewe Inflated Square Sunglasses, $360

Loewe is everywhere. They've become a household name among street style fashion bloggers worldwide. Their unique "inflated" sunglasses have a very distinctive look that mimic inflated balloons.


7. Versace VE2240 Sunglasses, $372

No one does wrap-around shield sunglasses like Versace. It's practically a staple item in Los Angeles. Most female celebs have owned at least one pair in their lifetime. This style has re-emerged from the 90's era and has now become part of "normal-core" fashion. 

8. Burberry B Motif Square Frame Sunglasses, $360

Ever since Burberry rebranded, they've been churning out hits. And these "B" logo motif sunglasses are such an unlikely drop from Burberry, who is known for their more conservative prints but their latest styles have been appealing to younger fashion influencers (they just love their logos). I love what they've done with the letter "B" accent on these sunglasses!

9. Loewe Chunky Anagram Sunglasses, $400

First off, I'm a sucker for stripes so I'm automatically biased when it comes to these Loewe sunglasses. They're a bit Tim Burton-esque but make for the perfect pair of stylish, statement sunglasses. While this style is offered in a few other colors, this particular colorway is pretty versatile.

10 . Loewe Anagram Mask Sunglasses, $490.00

Loewe came through with their take on hybrid flat top aviators. These single-lens shields are beyond dope. There is nothing more striking than a flat brow line. This style goes hard in so many ways. It's also a unisex style so make sure you hide them from your mans...

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